About the College of Allied Health Sciences

An Innovative College Preparing Dynamic Health Administration Leaders

The professionals who practice in the many fields encompassed within allied health sciences are crucial members of the health care team. Correspondingly, the College of Allied Health Sciences plays an important role in our modern health environment. With the aging baby boomer generation and the entire population living longer, expectations for superior health care services are at an all-time high. Well-rounded professionals who understand all aspects of health administration will be needed throughout the delivery system and sector to coordinate the effort to meet those expectations.

The College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) began as the Center for Health-Related Programs in 1995 and was granted college status in March of 1998. CAHS is part of the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center with the College of Medicine, the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, and the College of Nursing as well as the University Hospital, the Cincinnati VA Center and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The addition of the Master of Health Administration and four specialty graduate certificate programs position UC among the best health administration colleges in the country, and is further evidence of the university’s commitment to improving health and health care to our communities and nation.

The College of Allied Health Sciences at the University of Cincinnati is involved in enhancing and improving the quality of life for people everywhere by discovering, teaching and applying knowledge related to the health sciences, and health administration is a major aspect of this effort. The ever-changing field of health care will need dynamic leaders to deal with the challenges now and in the future. The College of Allied Health Sciences follows the mission of the University of Cincinnati in its commitment to provide students the highest-quality learning environment. UC graduates within the Master of Health Administration or graduate certificate programs within CAHS are exceptionally prepared with the broad base of knowledge needed to help them succeed in health care administration.

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