Courses You Need to Lead Change and Meet Challenges

Health professionals aspiring to lead the changes and meet the challenges in health care by earning their master’s in health administration will need a full set of tools to do that job. The broad spectrum of health and business courses offered by the University of Cincinnati MHA program will help fill each student’s toolbox with the skills needed for an enhanced career in health care.

Health Systems Management 1: Organization & Delivery

Learn to examine and evaluate a health care system using the United States to illustrate this descriptive, analytic, and evaluative approach.

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Health Systems Management 2: Principles of Leadership

An introduction and overview to leadership, management, and organizational concepts and principles reflecting the uniqueness and the particular requirements of effective and successful health care leadership.

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Health Care Finance 1: Analysis

A broad introduction to key concepts, issues, tools, and vocabulary useful both for managers and policymakers. Focusing on financial accounting, finance, and managerial accounting.

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Health Care Finance 2: Decision Making

Expanding on Health Care Finance 1, this course focuses on capital acquisition and structure, financial condition analysis and forecasting, capital allocation, and other topics.

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Health Care Marketplace 1: Health Economics

Economics can be used to understand health-related decisions made by individuals and firms. Use the basic framework of economics to analyze the behavior of consumers, insurers, physicians, and hospitals.

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Health Care Marketplace 2: Strategic Success

Introduces the principles, methods and concepts of three different aspects of marketplace strategic management as it relates to health care organizations.

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Health Policy 1: Health Policy & Regulation

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the structure, systems, and policies of health care delivery in the United States.

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Health Policy 2: Legal & Ethical Issues

This course presents an introduction to the legal and ethical issues that arise in management of health services organizations.

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Health Quality 1: Evidence-Based Decision Making for Managers

This course examines the study of health and disease in populations from a health management and analytical perspective.

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Health Quality 2: Total Quality Management

This course examines the quality of health care, approaches to assess quality, and the strategies needed to improve the quality of care.

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Emerging Issues in Health Systems Management

The course will focus on emerging issues in health care at the local, regional and national levels.

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Global Health Systems

This course will provide an overview of global health problems and national health systems to give the student a perspective on how societies approach health and health care.

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Guided Study in Health Systems Management (Special Topics/Elective)

This course addresses current and anticipated changes in the dynamic field of health care delivery systems including changes in technology, new modes of care, payment reform and innovation.

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Health Systems Management Capstone

The Research Capstone Project allows students to integrate their increased knowledge, skills, and competencies in health care management as well as to demonstrate their analytical and interpretive skills.

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