MHA Program Objectives

Inspiring Health Care Leaders

The mission of the University of Cincinnati MHA program is to provide students who might not have access to traditional educational routes with a high-quality, individualized curriculum in health care administration and management which will prepare them to assume leadership roles within health care teams, institutions, and systems.

Based upon this mission, the goals of the MHA program are:

  • to allow students whose location, employment, or other life situations would not otherwise allow them to seek such education with the opportunity to learn in a manner consistent with their needs through the use of an asynchronous distance learning model
  • to educate all students in the competencies of health care leadership and management, allowing them to build a foundation for professional development in their chosen field
  • to provide a value-driven and socially responsible education experience promoting cultural competence, teamwork, and a commitment to improvement
  • to stimulate the commitment to intellectual curiosity sustaining lifelong learning and representing the hallmark of the health care professional.

This education will utilize a best practices approach drawing upon perspectives in business and finance, quality improvement, epidemiology, health economics, and health policy to provide a broad-based educational experience where the outcomes benefit the student’s organization and the community it serves.

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