Student Testimonial

Steve Graham, UC MHA Online Student

Why did you choose UC’s MHA program?

After an extensive search for credible MHA programs that were designed for the working professional, University of Cincinnati’s MHA had everything I desired. Some important criteria for me was the research reputation of University of Cincinnati. Faculty who offered both a theoretical and practical “real world” approach in their teaching.

Equally important was the accreditation, University of Cincinnati is not only regionally accredited, but the program is designed to meet the high standards of CAHME, Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Management Education, which is the only organization that accredits health care administration programs. The rigorous standards of the UC MHA will provide for CAHME accreditation and distinction.

What do you like best about the MHA program?

The “lock step,” or one class at a time, cohort model of the program was very appealing. The UC MHA is designed to maximize student retention and success. Your entire program from the first class to the last is mapped out. Since you work in a cohort all the way though the program, it allows time for building networks with other students in the class.

The student support is present from initial inquiry about the program through to commencement—a truly student-centric approach and an advantage over dozens of other programs I explored. The course designs are easy to follow and the books are very easy to obtain for each of my classes. Instead of worrying about what class to take next, I can focus on learning and building on the knowledge gained as I navigate through the program.

Finally, I would have to say that affordability for the quality of instruction was a great value. The UC MHA is very affordable and is what one would expect from a not-for-profit institution of higher education.

What would you tell someone interested in earning their MHA about why they should look at UC’s program?

There are a lot of programs offering an MHA, but many do not offer the value of the UC brand, and the institutional credibility that is offered in a distance format. When I am asked about where I am completing my MHA, there are never any concerns about quality.

The format, cost, support and reputation are my top reasons why someone should consider the UC MHA. This is a great program for the working professional who needs to become more competitive, enhance their knowledge, and seek a level of credentialing that helps them attain their career goals. UC has a strong reputation in health care, from the medical school to their affiliations with UC Health Care and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the brand is strong and I can attest that health care professionals do recognize this great institution.