What to Expect in Online Learning

If this is your first online class, or if you are new to Blackboard, you may be wondering what is involved in completing your program online.

Will I be able to communicate with my fellow “classmates?” Will I be able to “talk” with the instructor? How will I find out when assignments are due? These very typical questions for first-time distance learning students. We have provided a brief overview of the tools that you will utilize in Blackboard, the online environment, below.

You will access four types of tools in Blackboard:

  • Course Content Tool – contains course-related information, such as the syllabi, schedules, assignments, multimedia resources and information on assessment
  • Communication Tool – allows you to communicate with instructors and peers either 1-on-1 or in a group; similar to the email you are used to using
  • Evaluation Tool – you will use this tool for quizzes and tests
  • Support Tool – helps you conveniently access all the other tools

As a student, you will participate in a self-paced orientation course that opens two weeks prior to the start of your first term. This course will introduce you to:

  • standard course elements implemented throughout the program, such as posting to the discussion board and submitting an item to the assignment link
  • a greater understanding of the part the University of Cincinnati and the College of Allied Health Sciences play in your development as a health administration professional
  • success strategies for graduate-level coursework.

The approximately 5-6 hours you spend completing the orientation and tutorial will help ensure that you begin your first class with the knowledge and entry skills to begin the program.

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